-Jalal Abad-

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Game and Nature– Today, there are nearly 7,000 national parks around the world, … the eye of the beholder, these parks offer the best in magnificent landscapes.

Arslanbob Walnut Forest (Arslanbob) – Arslanbob is a village, sub district, valley, mountain range, and a large wild walnut forest in the Jalal-Abad Region of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan’s first known export to Europe was the Arslanbob walnut.

Padysh-Ata Reserve (Jalal-Abad)– Padysh-Ata reserve is located on the territory of Jalal-abad region, western Tien-Shan. The reserve area equals 30,560 hectares. It was established not long time ago, in 2003, and main goal of it was to preserve juniper forests.

The Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve is located in Jalal-Abad Region in western Kyrgyzstan. The Reserve was established in 1959, and in 1978 it was designated as a World Biosphere reserve by UNESCO.